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100 Roses From Concrete

Art Direction: Kevin Zavalaga, Gina Marchini, Jay Do

UX/UI: Kaelan Brown

Account Management: Vivian Zhu

Project Management: Diego Villegas

Media Planning & Buying: Rishabh Bisht, Angela Chiu

Strategy: Simrandeep Kaur, Angelica Lopez-Gonzalez, Rameen Ali

Data Analytics: Jennifer Tran

Public Relations: Rebecca Farinas


BIPOC women need mental health help that understands them and can fit into their daily lives without taking up too much time.  


Remind BIPOC women to pause and take care of their mental health through accessible and thoughtful reminders that follow them throughout their busy day.


MAIP 2021 Summer Project Competition - WINNER


Moments For Yourself

For BIPOC women, mental health is on the backburner. They are busy working, on the go, and providing for their families. Finding the time and resources to attain professional mental health is often not a priority.


To remind BIPOC women about the importance of mental health, we created an integrated campaign that advocates for low-risk self-care methods that work with, not against their fast-paced lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.08.08 AM.png

times square takeover


We’ll launch our campaign on the first day of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. 


On July 1, all billboards in Times Square will turn off for one day to remind New Yorkers to take a breather* and to generate buzz for the rest of our campaign.

*Individuals living in loud, noise polluted cities face a 40% higher risk of depression and a 20% higher chance of anxiety.

-Popular Science


We'll buy ad space to use that time to

turn them off.

“90% of U.S. Residents age 16 or older surveyed have noticed any OOH advertising format including billboards and programmatic Display ads in the past month and 80% have noted any OOH ads in the past week.” 

-Nielsen OOH Advertising Study


landing page

After generating buzz, we’ll send a press release to large news outlets describing the intent of our campaign with a link to a landing page for more information. 

“To create awareness of the stigma and lack of mental health resources within BIPOC communities heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to create a moment for the self, especially in highly populated and mentally exhausting places. Our objective is to reach BIPOC women with a message and activation that allows and reminds them to take a moment to breathe, be proud of themselves, and feel a presence of clarity, away from the stress of everyday life.”


words of affirmation

Digital display ads and roadblock banners will show positive words of affirmation specifically placed in news sites and social that are frequented by our target. These will lead directly to our landing page.

  • Los Angeles Sentinel

  • Philadelphia Tribune

  • AsAmNews

  • La Opinión

  • El Diario NY

  • Korea Daily US

  • India Abroad



direct mail

words of affirmation

We’ll also send prepaid direct mail postcards to our target with messages of positivity. They can keep it for themselves or mail it to a loved one with a personal note.


67% feel mail is more personal than the Internet.
77% of Millennials say they pay attention to direct mail ads.

-USPS Mail Moment Report 2021

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.46.06 AM.png


words of affirmation

Calming spoken word poetry, such as the one below, will play before or in-between podcasts instead of ads.


Read by

Amanda Gorman

A Moment :30

SFX: A gentle wind blows, sounds of trees and grass ruffle softly in the background as birds chirp. A New-Age melody plays.


VO: Life is busy and sometimes you forget to take moments for yourself. Take this time to breathe and remember your strength. You are undeniably yourself, and you should be proud. 


VO: You can do this, and if you can’t, that’s okay too. You are worth it for what bring, not for what you can’t.


VO: This is a reminder to love yourself before anything else. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 


VO: Brought to you by 100 Roses From Concrete.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 12.59.27 AM.png

experiential OOH

bus stop

color therapy + sound therapy

Bus stops across metro areas with high BIPOC women populations will utilize color and sound therapy to create a relaxing experience for our target in between busy moments of their day.


text “hi” to 39204

for more resources

A QR and SMS code will appear on all OOH, leading to our landing page or prompting an SMS message with our info.

“66% of smartphone users took some type of action after seeing a OOH advertisement, and 4 in 10 used online search to look up information.” -Nielsen OOH Advertising Study

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 1.12.44 AM.png

experiential OOH


meditation + deep breathing exercise

Ad spaces within subways will be taken over with animated screens that utilize visual rhythmic patterns to facilitate deep breathing and encourage reflective meditations.

“55% of U.S. Residents noticed a digital bulletin in the past month and 38% have noticed one in the past week.” 

- Nielsen OOH Study

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 1.23.14 AM.png


taxi display

words of affirmation

Programmatic taxi display ads will scroll through positive words of affirmation in multiple languages* to quickly remind passersby that they are valued.

*See appendix for list of mantras.

“Among the respondents, who engaged with taxi-top ads, 25 percent searched online for the service advertised.  Another 17 percent said they recommended the advertised product or brand.” 

- Statista 2020




education & meditation workshop

To round  up the last week of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll host a series of TEDx speakers relating to the importance of mental health and lead interactive meditation workshops.

Spoken and led by

Dr. Chandra Donell Carey

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 1.31.10 AM.png


BIPOC women are the backbones of our families, our community, and our country. 


Through strategic targeting, we’ll remind BIPOC women that it’s okay to take moments for themselves by bringing the moments to them.

thank you!














cám ơn!


mantras in 8 languages


  • Take a moment to remember how strong you are.

  • This message is a sign to take time to step back and breathe.

  • You are worth it every second you are here.

  • You are doing your best. There’s nothing wrong with that.



  • Toma un momento para recordar que  fuerte eres. 

  • Este mensaje es una señal de que debes tomar un momento 

        para respirar. 

  • Tu vales la pena cada segundo que estás aquí. 

  • Estás haciendo lo mejor que puedes. No hay nada de malo en eso.



  • 別忘了你有多堅強。

  • 放慢速度深呼吸。

  • 你在這世界上的每一秒都是值得的。

  • 你盡力而為就足夠了。



  • خذ لحظة لتذكر مدى قوتك

  • هذه الرسالة هي إشارة لتأخذ وقتا للتوقف وتنفس

  • أنت تستحق كل ثانية أنت هنا

  • إنك تبذل قصارى جهدك. ليس هناك خطأ في ذلك.


  • ใช้เวลานี้เพื่อจดจำไว้ว่า คุณเป็นคนเข้มแข็งแค่ 。

  • ไหน ข้อความนี้เป็นสัญญาณว่าต้องใช้เวลา เพื่อ.

  • ถอยหลังและหายใจ คุณคุ้มค่าทุกวินาทีที่คุณอยู่ที่ 。

  • นี่ คุณกำลังทำดีที่สุดแล้ว ไม่มีอะไรผิดกับสิ่งนั้น 。



  • ကိုယ့်ခွန်အားကိုသတိပြုရန် ခဏတာအချိန်ပေးပါ။

  • ဒီ မတ်ဆေ့ဟာ ခဏတာနားပြီး အသက်ရှုရန် သတိပေးချက်ပါ။

  • သင်ဟာ စက္ကန့်တိုင်း အဖိုးထိုက်တန်စွာ အသက်ရှင်နေတာပါ။

  • သင်ဟာ အကောင်းဆုံးကြိုးစား နေလျှက်ပါ။ ကြိုးစားနေသ၍တော့မမှားပါဘူး။


  • Tire um momento para lembrar o quão forte você é.

  • Esta mensagem é um sinal para recuar e respirar.

  • Você vale a pena a cada segundo que você estiver aqui.

  • Você está fazendo o seu melhor. Não tem nada de errado com isso.


  • Hãy dành những giây phút này để nhớ rằng bạn mạnh mẽ như thế nào.

  • Đôi lời này là một dấu hiệu nhắc nhở bạn hãy dừng bước để lấy hơi điềm tĩnh.

  • Mỗi giây phút cuộc đời bạn là một sự xứng đáng.

  • Bạn đã và đang làm hết sức mình, và không một gì sai với điều đó.

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